Friday, January 6, 2017

What I know

One of the things that's been very weird for me making friends with people on the internet is realizing how much of my knowledge isn't universal. What I mean is, not everyone knows everything I know.

For example, where I grew up, ice storms are a normal part of winter. Inches of the stuff would coat everything. So I learned how to drive on ice, not snow. My home for the last twenty years mostly gets snow, not ice. So I had to learn to drive in that too. But most of my friends live in places that get little to none of either, so they don't have this knowledge. It hasn't been important for them to know.

Knowing that little thing, that my knowledge isn't universal, had been a very positive thing for me. It has forced me to look at my assumptions and evaluate if they are based in knowledge everyone has. Far more often than not, I realize that not everyone knows what I know, and rarely do I know what they know. Our knowledge isn't universal.

Which means, sometimes, I'm wrong. 

Knowing that sometimes I'm wrong, has made it so much easier to let go of the idea that some how I'm bad when I'm wrong. Being wrong is no longer a character defect. It is simply a lack of knowledge. An opportunity to learn if I let someone teach me.

And that is the most powerful thing I know.

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