Monday, January 26, 2015

Adventures of Mya and Book

For those of you who don't know, I have a service dog.

Isn't she cute!
We've been together for about 5 years now. Without her, I'm not sure I would be able to get out of bed most mornings let alone function as an adult. One of the many jobs she has is to make sure I don't fall into a downward spiral because of my PTSD. Often she does that by keeping my mind in the present moment with physical activity, or just being her lovable goofy self.

Enter Book.

Don't trust that innocent look, he's really a trouble maker.
For the last couple of years it's been clear that while Mya is great at the big gestures, she struggles with the little things like cuddling with me when I just need to hide from the world. So it was suggested I get a cat. The idea being that cats love laps, and I needed a cuddle... perfect match! But more than that, I was starting to think Mya could use a friend to help her deal with the days and weeks when I couldn't be the owner she needed me to be. Thankfully, I found someone who was getting rid of some kittens.

When Book came to us, he was covered in fleas, he was beaten, bruised, way too little for his age and in serious need of some TLC. And we are all about TLC in this house!

Mya and Book took to each other like "peas and carrots"! Mya thought he was the perfect husky, and Book felt loved and protected by his big kitty friend. Pretty quickly, Book started following Mya everywhere and copying her every move. Suddenly, instead of a cat and dog, I had two huskies.

Peas And Carrots!
They slept together, ate together, played in the snow together, and made me laugh in ways I hadn't done in years. There's just nothing cuter than a kitten and his husky.

I just knew I had to share this overwhelming cuteness with the World. So, the #AdventuresOfMyaAndBook were born. Now on an almost daily basis you can read up on the new silly things my fur babies get into on any of my social media sites. Their story is designed to bring a little bit of joy into a World filled with too much crud and not nearly enough silly.