Saturday, June 22, 2013


We all make mistakes. If we are mature and wise, we only make them once. If we are young and still learning, we make them over and over. Sometimes, we choose to make the mistake even when we know what the result will be...

The mistake I want to make more than any other right now? I want to call you. It wouldn't be hard. After all, how many people do I know who live there? All I would have to do is push a button and I could be with you.

I want to hear your voice and make you laugh and reminisce about days very long gone by. Do you remember the weekend we spent in bed together? We teased and played and when you had to leave me a couple weeks later, we cried like we would die from the pain of it.

But most importantly, I want to get you to tell me the things you can't tell me... even if you did want to... but I don't think you do... or maybe I just hope you don't... I still don't know.

I want to hear you confess that you have ached for me as I have ached for you and that even though there have been others... too many others... there has never been another. That there has always been something that wasn't quite right. Something missing. And you didn't know what it was until you saw my picture.

I want to hear that the only thing that has kept you where you are is that you love your daughter too much to do that to her. I want to hear you say that it killed you to let me go. I want you to say that you have thought of me more and more and that looking at your wife with the love you know she deserves has become so painful that you can barely do it. I want to hear you...


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