Saturday, March 2, 2013


It seems that the Universe is asking me to wait. Wait to have someone in my life who can support me and love me and stand by me come what may. Asking that I keep being strong by myself, with only the support of people who toss me what they have left over when they think of it. Asking that I continue to sleep with the cold comfort that I won't settle for less than I deserve.

Asking me to stay alone.

This makes me so angry! Haven't I worked hard?! Haven't I done all that has been asked of me and more?! Do I really have to have the perfect life before someone else can come into it?! What else am I supposed to do before I can have a partner?! I know I can't ever have him (no matter how much I wish that weren't the case), I get that. But does that mean I have to stay alone forever?!

Or does it mean that I just have to wait.

What does the Universe know that I don't? How do I know when I've waited long enough? Will it be so obvious that I won't be able to miss it?

This is what I'm asking for Universe, I'm asking that you answer some of these questions for me so that I can keep going on... even some that I'm not brave enough to ask. Give me the answers clearly enough that I can hear you (because you know how dumb I can be some times) and I'll do my best to not do stupid things while I'm waiting that just make Life harder... deal?

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