Sunday, January 13, 2013

Death and Life

So, I just had this comment pass through my Twitter feed Why do people say suicide is selfish? Is having cancer selfish? Mental illness, including depression, is an *illness* and it got me thinking... 

Why do people always assume that if you want to end your own life, you are crazy? Is it really that hard to believe that a person can look at their lives and say the quality of my life is so low I don't want to live it any more or I have lost all of the dignity I deserve to have, I don't want to do this for another day or just I can't stand this pain that I will never recover from anymore

Why is that insane?

Why is it that we are willing to do for our dogs and cats what we are not willing to do for our grandparents and children... give them and easy and peaceful death. At least with humans they can actually say to us, ok, I'm ready

And I get it, maybe (but I'm not sure I agree with this) you don't want to let people who can be treated for things like depression just offing themselves because they have a bad day, but I kind of feel the same way about suicide as I do about abortion... not my body, not my choice.

But if suicide were legal, and we stopped viewing human life as being sacrosanct to the point of being willing to destroy the person just to keep the body, maybe we could start seeing death for what it really is... a natural part of the life cycle that we can not live without. Maybe we could start not just helping the dying in to their deaths, but the living in to the part of their lives without the dead.

Just maybe, we could start to value the wishes of our loved ones over their own lives more than our own desires to not have to let them go.

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