Sunday, December 16, 2012

To Protect and Serve

As some of you know, my neighbor came to my door on Thursday and threatened me. Told me I should just move and she was going to hit me. This is the same woman who smokes so much pot that we can get high in our apartment if we don't leave windows open... which is why she was at my door threatening me. I have reported her to the apartment management for that.

Anyway, I called the police and the apartment management, but it seems that none of them are going to do anything about her behavior.

Why you many ask... because of my disability.

It seems that because I have PTSD I'm not entitled to the same protections as everyone else. It seems that I naturally exaggerate and hold grudges so I can't be trusted to know if someone has said they are going to hit me or not.

She is going to be allow to blast her music and slam her doors at all hours, and threaten me as she wishes because she's stressed out. I on the other hand have to get over it because my "disorder" causes me to needlessly hang on to things.

In fact, according to the police, it would be better if I just got some of my friends to pay for me to move and then I wouldn't have to deal with my neighbor any more... and wouldn't that be better for everyone.

Thanks for letting me know about that Deputy St Angelo of the Tompkins County Sheriffs Department. I'm sure that will make me stop calling you out here to do your job any second now.

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