Thursday, June 14, 2012

Power of Attraction

The idea is simple... decide what you want, imagine it in full detail, open yourself to receiving it. But actually doing it is harder than can believed.
Deciding what I want... really? I have a hard time figuring out what to have for breakfast most days, how am I supposed to figure out what I want from my life! Sitting down and listening to my heart was very hard. It is full of fears and doubts, but there is also that tiny grain of hope... I cling to that.
So, I want a family. A spouse, children, dog... And a home in the country. Some place peaceful and quiet that opens the heart and soul to the wonders of the World.
Now to imagine it... yeah. It's not really imagining it, it's setting your focus on what you want. Letting it fill you mind and heart until it is real to you... meditating on your desires. But that kind of focus is hard. My mind wants to wander in a million directions that mostly hold the fears and pain from my past. Drawing myself back to the here and now, and then pushing it into where I want to be... it's hard!
So, I'm going to start small. I'll start with focusing on my dream for a minute a day... and then five... and ten... and thirty! Each day getting a little closer to my dream being real.
The last part is hardest of all... being open. Looking around in my world and seeing the little things that help bring me to my dream. The friend who takes me out for drinks... maybe wants to be more than friends. The beautiful home in the woods... maybe there's a reason it isn't selling. Those are kind of big, but you get the idea. See what the Universe is showing to you and reach for it! You never know what you might grab on to.
So, I'm keeping my heart and mind open... or, I'm teaching myself to as a part of my meditation. My goal is to be willing and able to reach for any opportunity no matter how risky... and that's the hard part. Fear often holds me back when I should step forward. Over coming that fear I believe will be my greatest challenges, but also one of my greatest rewards.
This is what I am currently working on... my newest self improvement project. Lets see where it goes!

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