Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Music and the Savage Beast

I can't begin to tell you guys what an amazing night I just had. Thanks to a friend I was given the gift of getting to see my first live performance in... well, a long time. I use to get to see people playing all the time, but it has gotten harder and harder since I left school.

I forgot how much music, and musicians, touch my soul. They reach down into parts of me that I don't know I have and pull up emotions, thoughts, memories... the things that I need to be a whole and complete person.

And it isn't just the sounds! The physicality of the musician pulls me in as much as anything they play. To see someone pour their whole body _their whole soul_ into an instrument, and produce the most... moving... sounds! *contented sigh

If there is one talent that I wish I had, but don't, it would be to give that feeling to others. It is amazing what music can do for a person.

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