Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Talk to me baby!

A friend on G+ posted this and I agree so much I'm sharing with you all here. None of the words that follow are my own, but I whole heartedly agree.

Guys... Heavy sigh... Yes, you, the male portion of the species.

There’s a subset of you that
just doesn’t get it. I’m not surprised that there is that subset, to be frank, but I’m becoming increasingly annoyed at them.

There is one basic difference between men and women that some men don’t seem to understand:
Women get offered sex often. Men do not!

So while I'm sure you would love it if random women on social networks offered you sex every time you posted, you have to wake up and realize that when you do it on every post by a woman, you look like a douchebag.

Sorry, there’s no equality forthcoming here. If you were offered sex virtually every minute of every day since you hit puberty (and likely before), you’d be bored of the offers, too. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. It’s like water on tap: we’d rather pay for the same water, packaged and put into bottles, than drink from our own taps because the tap is boring and too easy. If getting sex became too easy, nobody would do it. There’s a grain of truth to every married person joke about not having sex after marriage. Once it’s on tap, so to speak, it’s less exciting (to some, not to me. I like to keep it fresh).

So please, grow up, and stop offering yourself like a cheap (or free) whore to every woman who posts a picture of themselves, especially if they’re posting other stuff, like words, that aren’t sexual (if you don’t see them, rub one out in private, then come back... They’ll wait).

Grow up, be a man, have some pride, and converse. Brainy is the new Sexy, if you didn’t know, so if you’re clever, and you can manage to string a few coherent sentences together, you never know...
Because, let's face it, offering sex to everyone on a social network just doesn't work for a man.

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