Sunday, January 1, 2012

England or Bust!

So, last night I started this crazy plan of making it to England this year to visit a few of my beloved G+ friends.

I did a little research and I will need to put away about $1000 just for the trip (airfare and just a very little bit of spending money), and find someone I trust to take care of Mya while I'm gone (two weeks late in September is the plan). Plus I will need to get my passport (yes, yes I know I'm 34 and don't have a passport... get over it), and a vacation (?) visa.

As some of you know, I live on an extremely tight budget (so tight that I'm also going to have to save the money I won't be earning while I'm on this trip), so saving for a trip like this will be challenging to say the least. But I believe that with a little support I can do it!

This is what I need from you guys.

If any of you know of cheaper ways to do what I'm doing now or the trip, please let me know. If I can cut expenses over the next couple months, that will help a ton! I'm happy to lay out the details of my finances for you if you can help, just not in public like this ;-)

For the people who don't see me every day, keep talking to me about the trip. The more I can keep it in the forefront of my mind the less likely I am to buy a $5 coffee at Starbucks ;-)

If this goes well, I may plan another big trip in 2013 or sooner to see others that I would love to meet face to face! Can you recommend any place?


  1. oh man, you so have to come to Australia! but if it has to be the pommie gits... ( :p )
    assuming you find the cheapest airfare possible (keep searching onlne... deals come up all the time), once there, you can live on next to nothing. and/or staying with friends means you don't have to pay for accommodation. Eat from supermarkets rather than eating out.

  2. Would it help if I promised to put you guys on as my 2013 vacation?

    I also promise to surf your couch and drink your alcohol and make too many cookies for us all to eat ;-)

  3. that might help a little. Especially the latter part.