Thursday, December 29, 2011


I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut. There are things about my life that no one wants to know about or hear about and it would be better for everyone concerned if I could learn to just not bring them up.

My life has been a long list of horror and atrocities, and while I don't feel bad about them or look at them as having been harmful to me, I know that when others look at me they just pity me... I can see it in their eyes

I don't want or need that!

I want them to see the strength and courage that  I have acquired because of these things. I want them to know that these things don't have to destroy you. I want them to share the stories they hear from me with people that they know who are also suffering and have the stories be inspiring. I want them to hear joy and laughter even in my darkest hours.

I want my story to be greater than the sum of its parts

I want them to hear how they saved me

I want my story to save someone else

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