Friday, December 9, 2011


So I met this guy for lunch yesterday. We had first met each other online and emailed back and forth for a bit. He's my age, the pictures of him didn't look awful, stable job... and then we met.

Between the dental hygiene that was seriously lacking, his inability to hold a conversation, and his self imposed shut-in status, I couldn't get away fast enough.

The guy has lived in the town that I moved to 16 years ago since he was 3... 3! and he has no idea about what activities are around for him to do (of which there are MILLIONS). He's lived with the same 2 people for the last 18 years and while this isn't so bothersome, the fact that when he left the apartment he was sharing with them to buy a house he felt the need to take them along because "we have been living together so long why change"


I don't know, maybe just to see if you could find someone you wanted to spend you life with rather than flatmates! Or just to see if you could!


I keep thinking about a palm reading I had done while in college (which I don't honestly know if I believe or not). The reader said I would have 3 loves in my life. I know I married one, but obviously he didn't feel the same way about me as I did about him. I believe I know who the other two were... but again, they didn't feel the same way about me. So is that it then? I have had my shot at the family I dreamed of having a a child and I failed? Or have I yet to meet my other two loves?

Or is this all just bullshit and if I just give up and appreciate what I have I'll be happy no matter who I'm with or what my relationship status is... that feels most right.

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