Thursday, November 17, 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I took Puppy out for her evening walk and it was snowing. A surprise for me, a very pleasant one at that.

These snows remind me of when I was deeply in Love with someone who was deeply in Love with me and we used to walk in the snow together, or some times just stand in it holding each other snuggled as close as we could get for warmth. I remember looking up at the sky and watching the snow as it would dance and swirl. It was like magic. The cold. The warmth. The closeness. The vastness. It would all mix together to create this perfect space and time that I can never forget.

I would feel such Peace at those times.

I still feel that same Peace when I see the snow falling in these slow waves from the sky. The flakes dance around me and though I no longer have that person in my life, I feel that Love for them all over again and send it out to them. I hope at those times, they feel it and know they are Loved.

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