Saturday, November 19, 2011

Drugs Bad! Beer Good!

So, I fell and hurt my ankle yesterday. I don't know how badly yet because the only thing the people at the ER were willing to say was that it isn't broken. Which is good, I think, but doesn't mean that there is no damage and given the amount of pain that has set in to spite the drugs I'm on I'm guessing there is at least some. So it is off to the orthopedic surgeon with me as soon as I can get in to see them. Given that Thanksgiving is this week, I'm not hopeful that it will be soon.

In the mean time I'm on my own to keep things from hurting and getting worse. The ER did give me some pain killers, which helps with my ankle (but does nothing for my Fibromyalgia which is screaming at this point), but the side effect are so bad that I really *hate* taking them. I can't think straight and feel tired all the time. I'm pretty much useless if I'm on them. Not to mention that most drugs that are out these days haven't been around that long, so we don't really know what their effects are long term.

This is the problem I have with most drugs. Their side effects are so bad I just won't take them so what good are they?

And than there is alcohol. Ok, the effect are short term and if I drink too much I have the same problems with it that I have with any other drug, but I *know* what it is doing to me. One glass of wine and I feel no pain (from my ankle *or* my fibro) but don't turn into the walking idiot that the pain killers turn me into. Add to that the health benefits of alcohol and that it has been around forever and I have to say, mostly I feel better about having a beer to dull my pain than taking a pill... but that's just me.

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