Sunday, August 22, 2010


The Leo slave is the most assertive, spontaneously creative and extroverted of all the zodiacal slave characters. In grandeur of manner, splendor of bearing and magnanimity of personality, they are the most majestic and proud of all slaves. They are ambitious, courageous, strong willed, positive, independent, and self-confident. There is no such word as "doubt" in their vocabularies
They are uncomplicated, needing to know exactly what their master wants of them and then using all their energies, creativity and resolution to make it happen, as well as being certain that they will be able to accomplish whatever they are told to do
Leonian slaves think and act bigger than others would normally dare; their ambitiousness and idealism sometimes astonishes their master, and their practical hardheadedness and ability to go straight to the heart of any problem reassures him. If Leonian slaves meet with setbacks they thrive on the adversity.
The Leonine slave is open, sincere, genuine and extremely trusting of her master. Outgoing, spontaneously warm hearted and plain spoken, though never lacking in kindliness, they are more disillusioned than the average slave if let down by the master they trusted. They are not good judges of character and are inclined to an exaggerated faith in a master which too often ends in disappointment.
They have an unlimited sex drive and can be so intensely sexual as to be almost depraved in their lust, yet they are sincere and generous in their sexual service.
They tend to strive for attention in obvious ways and seek to impress their master with their accomplishments. They are not hungry so much for his simple praise as wanting to truly astound him by successfully performing beyond his wildest dreams, frequently even embellishing on his original orders in trying to improve on them.
Their greatest challenge is to learn a humbleness of spirit, and to submit to his way of doing things rather than taking over and revising orders as they see fit.

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