Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What to do?

So, I've been on disability for almost 4 years now. Finally my doctors are all saying its ok for me to go back to work/ school.
The problem is I'm terrified. I'm scared that if I try I'm going to fail and end up back where I am, or worse than I am now. It helps that they have told me I can only do 10 hours at a time, letting me get back into things slowly, but I'm still nervous.
The next fear is, what do I do? Do I just go back to secretarial work (which bores the hell out of me but pays the bills)? Do I go to school? And if I do, what for? My MAT, my PsyD? Both are good choices and I have the background to do either.
I'm just all confused and scared and just want someone to tell me what is best so I can do it.
Where is my Dom in shining armor when I need them?

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