Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I am the least random person I know

2. I hate my cell phone

3. I spend more time thinking about other people and how to take care of them in a day than I do thinking about myself

4. I'm completely in love with Becka

5. I would live on Purity's Almond Joyous if I could

6. I love food and hate eating

7. I like living alone more than living with someone

8. I like cuddling more than sex (that doesn't mean I don't love sex)

9. I'm far more perceptive than most people give me credit for

10. I want to have children more than anything else in the world, the husband is optional

11. Cleaning is soothing for me

12. I have a thing for office supplies...I just love to buy them

13. I could happily live in a poly amorous relationship as long as I could still have my own space.

14. I'm more often than not cold, but because I dislike being dressed so much I won't wear more clothes than I have to

15. I can sing

16. I know what fork to use even if there are more than 3

17. I don't recognize myself in pictures

18. I hate the physical act of writing so much that I will go way out of my way to avoid doing it

19. My hair is my best feature by far, but unless its short I always keep it up

20. I am a VERY poor judge of character

21. Kaiya is my best friend, but I often wonder if I'm her's

22. I'm whatever the opposite of a pack rat is

23. The older I am getting the less I'm regretting my mistakes

24. I really love that feeling you get when you have been working your body hard all day and get to fall into bed and just lay there...that is the best

25. Forest Green is my favorite color

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