Friday, August 22, 2008


We all do stupid things some times. Most of the time I think we do them because we don't really understand what we are doing. If we did, why would we do it?

I have gotten myself involved in something that can't help but turn out bad for everyone. The thing is, I don't know how to get out, or that I even really want to. This time, the moment is so much more important to me than the future, I don't care what happens after right now.

The fact that I don't care bothers me more than my actions do. What does this make me as a person if I don't care about how my actions effect others? If I was the only person who might get hurt from my actions, that would be different, but I'm not. So shouldn't I be making an effort to protect the people around me?

This is an instance where all of my skills and the good things I have learn over the past year are failing me...or I'm failing them :-(

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