Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Fear is such a strange thing. With the way our society is set up now, the large majority of us rarely have anything to really fear, but we feel it every day. We let it stop us from doing the things that will make us truly happy. We let it make us do things that hurt others. We let it steal our sense of the world around us.

I have found that my fear has more to do with the things that have happened in my past than the things that are happening right now. When I would push someone away, it was usually because of the other people in my life who had hurt me before, not because of the person I was with. When I have been afraid to try some thing new, it has been because I have been told I could never be successful, and I believed it.

I know now that if I fail, it doesn't make me a bad person. If I have been hurt before, it doesn't mean I will be hurt again. I know now that I can make my world into what I want it to be if I can just believe in myself and faces my fears.

Only by replacing those old experiences with new ones can I truly challenge the fears that they have created. I can only have new experiences if I let go of my fears and have the courage to try new things.

Today I will dwell in the moment and draw myself away from thoughts of the past when I find myself letting my fears take the drivers seat. I will do this by connecting with my physical world in any and every way I can, to bring myself back into the moment.

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