Tuesday, August 26, 2008


They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...well I'm the only one beholding myself most days and I don't see any beauty. I see so little beauty in fact that there is a picture that my sister took of me with my niece, and I actually don't recognize that beautiful woman in the picture. Every time I look at I wonder "who is that with my niece, I don't remember seeing her at the park". That's because I didn't...I never do.

How can someone deny themselves so much that they literally can't see themselves?

It isn't just in pictures that this happens. On a couple of occasions, I have listened to other people talk about me, and I'm always surprised when they tell the group that it is me that they are talking about. How can that be?

I know very well what my problems are, and where I can use improvement in my life...maybe it is time that I started to notice the things that are right about me too.


  1. How can it be? The human mind is very powerful and listens to what it hears most. When we feel low, we tell ourselves some pretty negative things. Pretty much non-stop.

    Somehow, we even disbelieve the people we care about, when they tell us all the reasons that we're great. What's up with that? Shouldn't we trust the people who have no ulterior motive in saying nice things?

  2. The voices that told me these thing were the people who "cared" about me, my mother and aunts. It has taken a long time for me to stop hearing their voices in my head and start hearing my true self again.

    She is a beautiful and powerful creature ;-)